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Mark Schwartz, Esquire
Mark Schwartz, Esquire

    Big law firms don’t necessarily bring big results. 

    Sure, they have the specialists conversant in whatever the case entails. The big firms “over-lawyer” in that a matter is parceled-out to a lead partner, other partners and a host of associates. At the same time they “under-lawyer” a case in that at the time of trial or negotiation, the lead lawyer lacks an understanding of the details involved.  The result is oftentimes over-priced and sub-par. At least that has been my experience from working with and against America’s large firms since I began the practice of law in 1979.

    When I started my practice, I felt that a boutique practice could yield better results, where I personally and intensely handled the cases that I took on. This has proven to be correct.  I don’t take on more than I can handle. I don’t profess to be a specialist in an area. I affiliate with those whom I admire for having those specialties.

    Furthermore, my experience has shown that being a generalist in a world of specialists yields results.  I question fundamentals that others ignore or take for granted. This more than anything else yields results. 

    What I do is negotiate and litigate.   While I affiliate with different firms in the cases that I have handled all over the country, I sift through the facts, create a theme and strategy for each case, and personally conduct the negotiations or litigation.

    Finally I recognize that every matter has a life apart from court or negotiating session. The use of the media is integral to most matters that I handle and the two realms are not separable. As you can see from the cases highlighted in my bio, there is a role for the media as well.

    While the subject matter of the cases vary greatly, my clients and I find that over  25 years  I have developed a unique style and approach that yields results.

            I look forward to meeting with you. 

                       Best, Mark D. Schwartz, Esquire

Mark Schwartz, Esquire